Netherlands Maritime Force

The Netherlands Maritime Force (NLMARFOR) has 2 main tasks. It is the deployable and operational staff of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The NLMARFOR staff is the operational command of fleet units and marines. It is also a so-called work-up unit, i.e. a unit that oversees the work-up path for ships and marine units being made mission-ready.

Cooperation between units

NLMARFOR has specialist personnel from various backgrounds. The NLMARFOR staff is made up of military personnel from other armed forces Services and foreign military personnel from various NATO member states. 

Past and present areas of deployment of Dutch military personnel include Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. NLMARFOR concentrates primarily on supporting and carrying out such missions.

NLMARFOR works in concert with other national armed forces Services and with military personnel from other countries. This international cooperation is important in the preparation and execution phases of many operations.