Always report leaks to the DPO pipeline

Despite continuous surveillance and intense maintenance of underground pipelines, accidents cannot be ruled out. The same applies to the DPO pipelines. Below you can read what you need to do in the event of a leak in a DPO pipeline.

What to do in the event of a leak in 9 steps

  1. Immediately stop all excavation work.
  2. Evacuate the danger zone.
  3. Call 112 and alert the local emergency services.
  4. Warn the DPO via emergency telephone number (+31) 10 506 15 55.
  5. Report the location and size of the leak.
  6. Close down roads to the danger zone and divert traffic.
  7. Keep bystanders at a distance.
  8. Remove any ignition and heat sources from the danger zone.
  9. Close windows and doors to minimise (odour) nuisance.