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  1. Invoicing Requirements Netherlands Ministry of Defence

    This document sets out the invoice requirements of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

    Publication | 05-12-2022

  2. ARBIT 2018

    The General Government Terms and Conditions for IT Contracts (ARBIT) consist of these General Provisions and Special Provisions. ...

    Publication | 03-05-2018

  3. ARIV 2018

    General government purchasing conditions 2018.

    Publication | 03-05-2018

  4. ARVODI 2018

    General Government Terms en Conditions for Public Service Contracts 2018.

    Publication | 03-05-2018

  5. Integrity and doing business with the Defence Organisation

    Some things that may be standard practice for you in your commercial business relationships are not allowed in the Defence ...

    Publication | 01-10-2015

  6. AVIP 1999

    General Conditions for Hiring Personnel (AVIP), applicable in cases in which the contractor, pursuant to a commission contract, ...

    Report | 03-08-1999

  7. AVWD-D 1999

    Additional conditions pertaining to the General Conditions for the Performance of Work for the Ministry of Defence (AVWD 1995), ...

    Report | 03-08-1999

  8. AVWD 1995, editie 1997

    General conditions for the performance of work for the Ministry of Defence (AVWD), applicable in cases in which the State of the ...

    Report | 21-06-1995