Purchase and sale of Defence materiel

The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) ensures that the Defence organisation purchases high-quality materiel at acceptable prices. For instance, new armoured wheeled vehicles for the Army, fighter jets for the Air Force or ships for the Navy. 

Sale of Defence materiel

The DMO is also responsible for the sale of Defence materiel. In selling materiel, the organisation makes a distinction between strategic goods and non-strategic goods. Strategic goods include warships, tanks and fighter aircraft. Examples of non-strategic goods are clothing, filing cabinets and motor vehicles.

Auctioning via State Property Department

The DMO hands over non-strategic goods to the State Property Department, which sells surplus Defence materiel via auctions.

For security reasons, the DMO does not hand over strategic goods to the State Property Department. This materiel is not sold to the public, but on the basis of negotiations with other countries. The Defence organisation only sells strategic materiel to countries which adhere to the guidelines of the Arms Export Policy.

Donation of Defence materiel

The Defence organisation regularly receives requests from the public and from social organisations to donate surplus goods. Due to the associated workload, the Defence organisation is unable to accommodate these requests. The Defence organisation only donates surplus materiel to international humanitarian aid organisations, or if the donation serves the interests of the Defence organisation.