Acquiring nautical charts and publications

The Hydrographic Service publishes nautical charts and hydrographic publications. Here, you can read how you can acquire these products.

Free to download

The following publications are free to download:

Government bodies

Government bodies can contact the Hydrographic Service if they wish to purchase charts and publications:

Royal Netherlands Navy
Hydrographic Service
Telephone: +31 (0)88 951 67 28

Your request will be dealt with within 5 working days.

Private individuals

Private individuals can contact the A- and B agents, as well as the stores that they deliver to. View the list of authorised agents.

Corrections to charts can be downloaded from the page Notices to Mariners.

Electronic navigational charts

You cannot acquire electronic navigational charts (ENCs) directly from the Hydrographic Service, as ENCs are only provided through the International Centre for ENCs (IC-ENC). The IC-ENC is an alliance in which hydrographic offices from various countries cooperate. The IC-ENC sells ENCs to end-users through their value-added resellers.