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Exclusive economic zone

The zipfile ‘Exclusive economic zone’ contains the boundaries of the so-called exclusive economic zone of the Netherlands. It ...

Application | 15-04-2021

Contiguous zone (12-24M)

The zipfile ‘Contiguous zone’ contains the boundaries and limits of the contiguous zone of the Netherlands on the North Sea. This ...

Application | 15-04-2021

Overview derived products from the 1800 Series

An overview of derived products from the 1800 Series. The leaflet contains tips for purchasing and use.

Leaflet | 01-04-2021

Division of the Netherlands continental shelf

The Dutch continental shelf is divided into a grid of numbered blocks. These blocks are references for granting concessions for ...

Application | 26-01-2021

BaZ1 edition 2021

The BaZ1 (NtM) is a yearly publication containing NtM related and general nautical information regarding Notices to marines.

Publication | 19-01-2021

Block for chart 1630 - NtM 015

(Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 14-01-2021

Ems-Dollard Treaty and supplementary agreement

The zipfile ‘Ems-Dollard Treaty and supplementary agreement’ contains the Netherlands boundaries according to the 1960 ...

Application | 24-12-2020

Catalogue - HP7

The catalogue HP7 (edition 2021) provides an overview of all products  published or issued by the Hydrographic Service. 

Publication | 02-12-2020

Tidal guide 2021

Information about tide tables.

Publication | 02-12-2020

NLTides - HP33D (English)

The nautical software program NLTides – HP33D provides digital information on tidal heights and streams along the Dutch coast ...

Application | 02-12-2020