Meteorology and oceanography

Defence meteorologists support all Defence units from the Defence Met Office of the Joint Meteorogical Group at Woensdrecht Air Base.

In addition, within the Hydrographic Service there are a number of METOC Seariders. These are meteorologists specialised in military oceanography. These METOC Seariders are posted on board the ships taking part in operations and exercises in order to lend immediate support. Their expertise assists in deploying units, weapons and sensors as effectively as possible.

Dedicated Defence division for meteorology and oceanography

The Defence organisation has a separate division for meteorology and oceanography (METOC). Part of the METOC Division is based with the Hydrographic Service in The Hague, while the other part works in the Defence Met Office at Woensdrecht Air Base.

The METOC Division shares its knowledge with organisations both within and outside the Defence organisation. NATO partners, for example, also make use of the METOC Division.