1800 Series

The Hydrographic Service does not issue the full 1800 Series annually. The same policy applies to the 1800 Series as to the other official products: a new edition is published if doing so is warranted by the contents.

Keep charts up to date yourself

Nautical charts become out of date as soon as they are published. Users must therefore always keep charts up to date by correcting them using the Notices to Mariners. The Hydrographic Service publishes these weekly on defensie.nl. A list of current nautical charts and nautical charts under development (PDF, 22 KB) is also published.

Products derived from the 1800 Series

The 1800 Series is published by the Hydrographic Service only. There are, however, suppliers that produce derivative products. These products may be based on the 1800 Series, but they do not have the same official status. In the leaflet 'Derived products from the 1800 Series' you'll find tips for purchasing and use.

No digital version 1800 Series

The Hydrographic Service does not produce a digital 1800 product. The electronic navigational charts (ENCs) for shipping cover the North Sea and the major ports and their approaches, as well as the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. These ENCs can be used in the official Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS systems).

In the Netherlands, it is not compulsory to develop products for recreational users. The Service leaves to the private sector the production of digital products similar to the 1800 Series. These are often based on data from the Service. Recreational users can therefore choose their preferred product.

1800 Series prices

Chart agents themselves decide what the retail price should be. The price they pay the Royal Netherlands Navy for nautical charts is adjusted annually. The price is not linked to the date of issue of the nautical chart. A 1800 Series nautical chart that was just reissued may well cost the same as a 1800 Series nautical chart that is over a year old, but that has not been subject to any major changes. The fact that the 1800 Series of nautical charts is no longer issued in full each year has the advantage that mariners need to purchase a new edition of the 1800 Series nautical chart less often.