Changes to the nautical product range

The Hydrographic Service produces a variety of nautical products for mariners, such as nautical charts and publications. The Hydrographic Service will be making a number of changes to its portfolio of nautical charts.

The following changes apply:

  • Chart atlas 1803 will be withdrawn.
  • Chart atlas 1809 will be withdrawn.
  • Limited coverage of chart atlas 1801. Exclusions include most Belgian territory.
  • Limited coverage of chart atlas 1810. Exclusions include the IJmuiden-Amsterdam route and the Randmeren.
  • Limited coverage of chart atlas 1812. Exclusions include Lauwersmeer and most German territory.

The changes will be implemented gradually. The process will probably take 1 to 2 years. Definitive data will be announced on this website and in the Notices to Mariners.

Why is the Hydrographic Service making changes to its product range?

The Hydrographic Service exists to provide nautical products for mariners that sail under the ‘Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS)’ Convention. This group is required by this Convention to use these products.

The SOLAS market is changing, however. In the past, paper charts prevailed. Nowadays, the majority of the users are required to use Electronic Navigational Charts, and paper charts are increasingly side-lined. This digitalisation will accelerate in the coming years, and that means that choices have to be made. The Service must focus on the future and will therefore be reducing its focus on paper charts.

Consequences for printed nautical charts

The Netherlands is currently covered by A0 printed nautical charts (primarily in use by SOLAS mariners) and partly by the 1800 series (primarily in use by non-SOLAS mariners, including for recreational users). As a result, there is often duplicate coverage by paper charts.

The Hydrographic Service will discontinue duplicate coverage as far as possible. In addition, it will limit its mapping of areas for which it is not officially responsible. The Service will, of course, continue to produce paper and electronic nautical products that are required by the SOLAS Convention.


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