Nautical publications

Besides nautical charts, the Hydrographic Service also produces (digital) nautical publications. These publications provide additional information to the information in the nautical charts.


You can purchase nautical products from various agents. Read more about the sale of nautical charts and publications.

Notices to Mariners

The Hydrographic Service supplies Notices to Mariners (NtMs). These are corrections with which you can keep nautical publications up-to-date.

Yearly edition of Notices to Mariners (BaZ1)

Every week, the latest Notices to Mariners (NtMs) are published on the internet. In addition to the weekly NtMs, there is the yearly publication BaZ1. BaZ1 is a publication with general and NtMs-related nautical information.

The Netherlands coast pilot – HP1

In the Netherlands Coast Pilot (published in English) you can find detailed information about the Netherlands and Belgian coastal waters, ports and their approaches.

List of lights - HP2

The list of lights provides an overview of coastal lights and fog signals, including special chapters about radio beacons, racons, safe water buoys and light floats in the Netherlands.

Catalogue - HP7

The catalogue provides an overview of all products published or issued by the Hydrographic Service.

Chart buoyage systems in the Netherlands– HP9

This is a plasticized chart, giving an overview of the buoyage systems in use in the Netherlands.

Tidal heights and streams - HP33

HP33 provides tidal heights and tidal stream information along the Dutch coast and adjacent areas. The HP33 is published every year.

There is also a digital equivalent of this paper publication (HP33D/NLTides).

International chart series 1 - INT1

In the booklet INT1, you will find the internationally standardised symbols, abbreviations and terms used in nautical charts.