Identity fraud and document expertise

In the case of identity fraud, criminals abuse false or stolen personal details. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee makes an important contribution to combating and preventing identity and document fraud. Please always report to the police if you have become a victim of identity fraud.

More and more often, businesses and organisations will ask you for a photocopy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driving licence). Making a photocopy of your identity document is prohibited by law, with some exceptions (such as banks and employers). Large scale copying of identity documents can lead to identity fraud. To clarify the rules for copying, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) has formulated guidelines.

Safely making a safe copy of your identity document

With the KopieID app (CopyID app), you can make a safe copy of your identity document by using your smartphone. You can, for instance, use the app to cross out your citizen service number (BSN), and it allows you to place a watermark over the copy with the objective and the date of the copy.

Identity Fraud and Documents Centre of Expertise (ECID)

The Identity Fraud and Documents Centre of Expertise (ECID) is the national point of contact for identity fraud and documents. The centre studies, analyses and catalogues forged or counterfeit documents and the latest trends in the field.

ID Desks for document expertise

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has 4 regional ID Desks. They employ document experts who are specialised at the highest level in travel, identity and residence documentation. They are the point of contact for questions about the authenticity of documents.

Public sources for document expertise

Everyone can consult public sources for document expertise and the verification of identity documents. Businesses sometimes are required by law to check these documents themselves. Helpful websites are:

If after checking these sites, you still have doubts about the authenticity of the document concerned and suspect fraud, please contact the Netherlands police force.