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MAR-OPS X. 122 AMC GM (Engels)

MAR-OPS X. 122 AMC GM: acceptable means of compliance and guidance material to military aviation requirements - operations X. ...

Publicatie | 19-08-2016

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in the Caribbean

Video about the employees of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee working in the Caribbean (Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, Sint ...

Video | 14-06-2016

Block for chart 1809.2 - NtM 240/16

Insert in position approx. 51-58.50 N 003-59.00 E. (Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 09-06-2016

Lessons learned reservist in operations

Information about reservists in international operations.

Publication | 06-06-2016

Block for chart 1809.3 - NtM 213/16

Insert the accompanying block (blck_c18093_y2016_baz213.pdf) in position approx. 51-58,30 N 004-03,00 E. (Attention! Use the ...

Publication | 26-05-2016

Block for chart 1809.2 - NtM 213/16

Insert in position approx. 51-58,30 N 004-03,00 E. (Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 26-05-2016

Block for chart 2110 - NtM 131/16

Insert the accompanying block (blck_c2110_y2016_baz131.pdf). In position approx. 18-05,00 N 062-51,00 E. (Attention! Use the ...

Publication | 31-03-2016

International comparison of deployment of reservists

In this document you find a letter to the the Chairman of the House of Representatives about the international comparison of ...

Letter | 16-12-2015

The Netherlands Defence Academy

“The armed forces are driven by the dedication and qualities of their people.  By effective leadership. The Netherlands Defence ...

Video | 16-11-2015

Integrity and doing business with the Defence Organisation

Some things that may be standard practice for you in your commercial business relationships are not allowed in the Defence ...

Publication | 01-10-2015