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Netherlands maritime military doctrine

This doctrine describes the fundamentals, principles and preconditions for naval operations at the different levels. It describes ...

Publication | 13-02-2014

Block for chart 2110 - NtM 247/13

Insert in position approx 18-05.00 N 062-51.00 W. (Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 30-05-2013

Joint Doctrine Publication 5 Command and Control EN

Joint Doctrine Publication 5: Command and Control is a publication to address a specific subject at joint level as a supplement ...

Publication | 16-03-2012

MAR-DSO (Nederlands en Engels)

MAR-DSO: military aviation requirements for distribution and material supplier organisations. MLE-DSO: militaire luchtvaarteisen ...

Publication | 16-01-2012

Fees for visual documentation

Fees and conditions by ordering documentation from the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH).

Publication | 14-09-2011

Block for chart 2023 - NtM 99/10

Insert in position approx 12-27.00 N 068-25.00 W. (Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 04-02-2010

Block for chart 2212 - NtM 206/09

Insert in position approx 12-19.00 N 068-13.50 W. (Attention! Use the proper printer settings).

Publication | 23-04-2009

AVIP 1999

General Conditions for Hiring Personnel (AVIP), applicable in cases in which the contractor, pursuant to a commission contract, ...

Report | 03-08-1999

AVWD-D 1999

Additional conditions pertaining to the General Conditions for the Performance of Work for the Ministry of Defence (AVWD 1995), ...

Report | 03-08-1999

ADP 2 Combat Operations A

Army Doctrine Publication II - Part A Fundamentals.

Publication | 17-03-1998