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A look at the Defence news 11 – 17 September

Next year, Netherlands military personnel will again be actively involved in the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, the...

News item | 20-09-2017 | 14:13

A lookt at the Defence news 4 - 10 September

Two crew members of Vickers Wellington M. 1C R1322 of Poland’s Second World War 305 Squadron were buried with military honours...

News item | 13-09-2017 | 11:07

A look at the Defence news 29 August – 3 September

The threat is relevant, yet air defence is an expensive capability that is in very short supply. Netherlands Chief of Defence...

News item | 06-09-2017 | 10:48

A look at the Defence news 21 – 28 August

Brigadier General Jeff Mac Mootry is the new commander of the Marine Corps. He has taken over from Brigadier General Frank van...

News item | 31-08-2017 | 11:08

A look at the Defence news 15–20 August

The Netherlands will store the spare parts for all F35 aircraft in Europe, as was announced by the US Department of Defense....

News item | 23-08-2017 | 08:41

A look at the Defence news 8 – 14 August

“We are working closely with our NATO partners to ensure the protection of Alliance territory. The enhanced Forward Presence...

News item | 16-08-2017 | 11:32

A look at the Defence news 1 – 7 August

This month, F-16 pilots will complete four one-week aerial combat exercises over North Brabant. The activities will start today.

News item | 09-08-2017 | 09:14

A look at the Defence news 25 – 31 July

In Mali, Dutch military personnel secured the site north of Gao where a Tiger helicopter crashed on 26 July. The 2 German...

News item | 02-08-2017 | 09:04

A look at the Defence news 18 - 24 July

The first reconditioned PC-7 training aircraft landed at Woensdrecht Air Base on 19 July 2017. All of the 13 aircraft of the...

News item | 26-07-2017 | 14:45

A look at the Defence news 11 – 17 July

After four months, the first troops of the main force of 43rd Mechanised Brigade returned to Eindhoven Air Base from Lithuania....

News item | 19-07-2017 | 11:51

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