Nautical software programs

You can use nautical software programs as an aid or as a source of information for safe navigation. All programs, except NLTides, are freeware.

NLTides - HP33D

NLTides - HP33D provides digital information on tidal heights and streams along the Dutch coast and adjacent areas.

CNAV 4.1

With CNAV 4.1, you can make quick and accurate calculations for traditional navigation.


With Decca, you can convert between Decca lane counts and geographic or UTM coordinates. Calculations can be made in ED50 or WGS84.


PCTrans is a program for geodetic and hydrographic computations. There are2 PCTrans versions:


TSP simplifies the maritime limits and zones available for download on our website. It reduces the number of points of an ASCII file with line information. TSP uses the Douglas-Peucker algorithm.