Tasks of the armed forces in the Netherlands

The Netherlands armed forces must be on hand when needed. Defence provides military support during national operations such as disasters, crises and terrorist threats in the Netherlands. This is one of the Defence organisation’s main tasks.

The Netherlands armed forces are ready to act in the event of exceptional circumstances in the Netherlands, e.g. flooding, large-scale fires and attacks. The Netherlands armed forces’ tasks also include providing security for major international meetings held in the Netherlands. Military deployment during crises or disasters always takes place under civil authority, i.e. under the authority of mayors, the Public Prosecutor or the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs.

Military specialists

The Netherlands armed forces gain much of their knowledge and experience from the worldwide missions they take part in. In the Netherlands, they employ many of their special capabilities in assisting other security organisations and civil authorities, such as municipal authorities, the Ministry of Justice and Security, the national police force and the fire service.

National operations

Examples of national operations are: